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Clad Systems

External cladding provides both a decorative and protective facing for buildings. Traditional timber cladding and weatherboarding are susceptible to damage and weather, and typically require regular maintenance or repair.
uPVC cladding provides a stylish and effective means to protect and decorate the exterior of buildings - without the need for continual and costly maintenance and decoration.

Advantages of PVC Soffits

Depending on the amount of damage to your soffits it may be more cost effective to just have them replaced. UPVC soffits are the preferred choice these days as they have many benefits including:
• High resistance to bad weather 
• Do not rot
• No discolouring
• Low maintenance
• Last for many years
Fascias boards are in such an exposed position they need to be able to withstand all types of weather extremes.
Whilst some fascia boards will go unseen on a house many are noticeable so it is recommended they are checked once a year for any damage. Wooden fascia boards are very vulnerable to water damage which leads to rot and often they will detach themselves.
We can replace your existing wooden fascia boards with longer lasting UPVC fascias - giving you peace of mind and the comfort of a ten year guarantee against corrosion and weatherproofing.
Fascias & Soffit have a tremendous range of rooftrim products to improve the look of your home and reduce essential maintenance. 
Now you can dramatically transform your home exterior with Fascias & Soffit Rooftrim, safe in the knowledge that it'll keep its looks for many, many years to come with the minimum of maintenance. Which means no more sanding, painting or climbing ladders. 
Soffits aren’t something people notice or look at, so quite often damage may go unnoticed for a long period of time making them considerably worse. It is recommended they are checked at least once a year for any signs of damage. Damaged soffits can lead to birds, bats and other unwanted pests nesting in your roof space which will make repair work even bigger and more expensive.​


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